I discovered code at about 12 and fell in love with it...

Prior to discovering code I had never wanted to become anything specific. I tried art, music, sports, and a bunch of other stuff that I ended up getting bored of. Then I discovered code when we had to learn Visual Basic, and it blew my mind.

I always had a passion for computers and have always preferred to spend time tinkering with computers instead of other activities.

In 2018 I enrolled in the B.Sc. (Bachelor of Computer Science) program at Cairo University. I created a community for students, went global with it, and was the lead in every project/coding team created then.

The summer between my Freshman and Sophomore years I completed an internship at Unplugged in Cairo, Egypt. I worked on an online-payment solution and learned how to work with React at scale. They had us suggest ideas to work on, and I managed to become lead of the interns team.

The summer between my Sophomore and Junior years I worked on Discriminatory, a social network built with NodeJS, GraphQL, Authentication, AWS, React, and a bunch of other tools. It was a long (5+ months) summer because of COVID. I learned a lot during this period which set me up for success later on.

Then between my Junior and Senior years I completed a remote internship and began my career at Acute Business. I worked primarily with TypeScript, React, and the tooling that come with them. During the next year I would single-handedly build the Qalam learning management system UI. This was a major accomplishment for me as I had never used React for proprietary code until this point.

In September of 2021 I was approached by CTO of Robusta. He wanted me to join the engineering team and help build great software. I look forward to the great adventures that lie ahead.

Since joining Robusta I've met and worked with several great people that have positively impacted my career and personality.

I led a team of 4 developers through our graduation project and applied the things I learned from my job in that project. During the project I had the roles of the project manager, product owner, and lead developer.

I carried out the activities to the best of my abilities in an agile environment while studying and working. I learned so much during that period and I'm forever greatful for everyone involved in that chapter of my life.

I'm currently enrolled in mandatory military service and have returned to my job. I'm focusing on creating valuable content in the little time I have.

I'm the host of The Weekly Noob podcast. I've also created a technical YouTube channel to share my thoughts and ideas. I also mentor students and fresh graduates.