I discovered code at about 12 and fell in love with it...

Prior to discovering code I had never wanted to become anything specific. I tried art, music, sports, and a bunch of other stuff that I ended up getting bored of. Then I discovered code when we had to learn Visual Basic, and it blew my mind.

In 2018 I enrolled in the B.Sc. (Bachelor of Computer Science) program at Cairo University. I created a community for students, went global with it, and was the lead in every project/coding team created then.

The summer between my Freshman and Sophomore years I completed an internship at Unplugged in Cairo, Egypt. I worked on an online-payment solution and learned how to work with React at scale. They had us suggest ideas to work on, and I managed to become lead of the interns team.

The summer between my Sophomore and Junior years I worked on Discriminatory, a social network built with NodeJS, GraphQL, Authentication, AWS, React, and a bunch of other tools. It was a long (5+ months) summer because of COVID. I learned a lot during this period which set me up for success later on.

Then between my Junior and Senior years I completed a remote internship and began my career at Acute Business. I worked primarily with TypeScript, React, and the tooling that come with them. During the next year I would single-handedly build the Qalam learning management system UI. This was a major accomplishment for me as I had never used React for proprietary code until this point.

In September of 2021 I was approached by CTO of Robusta. He wanted me to join the engineering team and help build great software. I look forward to the great adventures that lie ahead.

I'm the host of The Weekly Noob podcast. I've also created a technical YouTube channel to share my thoughts and ideas. I also mentor students and fresh graduates.

My story is to be continued.