Hi there 👋

I'm a software engineer, content creator, and mentor who's passionate about coding. I believe everyone has the right to enjoy a joyful online experience, and that is why I care deeply about both performance and accessibility.

I started coding when I was 12 with Visual Basic and am now living in JavaScript land. I also love contributing to open source! I built a Discord community for everyone, especially people getting started with code!

Get in touch

Email and Twitter are your best channels. You can also find me on LinkedIn and GitHub. I also have a YouTube channel.

Beyond work

When I'm not coding some frontend stuff I'm usually found experimenting, mentoring people new to the field, trying out new utilities on the market, blogging, going live, making videos and devlogs, or contributing to Valarium.

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By sponsoring me you contribute to supporting Discord bots that I have deployed, improving my work-at-home 👨‍💻 environment, open source contributions, and content creation production quality and speed! 🚀


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