Useless is not worthless 🚀

Most of my projects are open source and free to use. Some of these don't have any other purpose than exploration and experimenting.


Loggy is a browser extension that logs the time you spend on each website to beautifully give you insights on your internet habits. It's built with JavaScript, VueJS, and Tailwind, back by Webpack and Babel for the development and production pipelines.


Clippy is a minimal clipboard history log made with Electron, Preact, and htm. It doesn't store nor sync your clipboard. I needed to keep track of my clipboard and didn't find any trust-worthy tools that were free/open-source, so I created mine!

Discriminatory Network

People struggle to keep a happy life, and deal with mental and psychological damage because of discrimination. It's time for a change. A social network built to help the fight against discrimination.


An open-source anonymous straw poll platform with privacy in mind. Built with StorybookJS, NextJS, TailwindCSS, Vercel Serverless Functions, ExpressJS, Mongoose, and Mongo Cloud over the weekend.

My Blog

This very website. Built with NextJS, MDX, Tailwind, and Sass. I don't have much to say about it except that I designed and developed it all from the ground up, and maintain it from time to time. Oh, I hooked it up to NetlifyCMS recently too! A much better blogging workflow if you ask me. 😄


A discord bot built using TypeScript, NodeJS, MongoDB, and Redis. Deployed on Heroku and connected to Mongo Cloud. Uses TensorFlow's Toxicity Classifier to prevent toxic behaviour, and has a fully functional levels system based on Voice and Text activity.

Discord Utils

A useful collection of utilities that acceelerate NodeJS discord bot development. Built with TypeScript, versioned with standard version. This is extracted from ValariumBot and currently the bot depends on it.


A simple and efficient time audit with cloud sync support. Allows you to create audits and records without having to worry about organising or moving stuff around. Built with React, Firebase Auth, and Firestore. For the full list of technologies used refer to this Facebook post.


The official website for the online community that I founded. Has a blog built with GatsbyJS and Sass, and hooked up to NetlifyCMS.

Ally Reads!

An accessibility browser extension made just for you. Allows you to change how text is displayed in articles and social media posts to make them more accessible, and every thing it does is 100% customisable.


An Arabic programming language created using JavaScript following the principles of BASIC. AST-based and has support for simple types such as numbers and strings, as well as variables, globals and scoped. Supports functions in BASIC syntax and passes-by-reference, and them delicious # code comments.